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    Product Introduction

    Please check the VLT chart first to help choose ski goggles!

    PC Outer lens: Frameless design goggles provide oversized ultra wide view. It is good and safe for customer to see the ditches and avoid accidents with a clear and truly unobstructed field of view. Italy imported grey Inner lens: suitable for sunny condition.

    Excellent optical clarity and vented dual lens with anti-fog treatment. Please remember to avoid touching the lens surfaces with your fingers or sharp stuff directly.

    Flexible urethane TPU frame construction.OTG: big inner space for myopic glasses and helmet compatibility.

    Three layers of memory foam has a stronger impact resistance capacity, providing a comfortable and pleasant wearing experience, keeping away cold air and wind from penetrating through the goggles and keeping your eyes warm.

    ATTENTION This kind of goggles is NOT MATTE. The pictures have been processed and not to show the shooting site. Please see the scene graph.

    Friendly Notices:

    1. Please remove the protective film of inner lens before use.

    2. Do not wipe them with hands or rough cloth as they will either stain or scratch the lens. If snow gets into your goggles, shake them out first, then dab them with a goggle cloth.

    3. Please do not put the lens facing down on the table or on the ground.

    4. After skiing, we recommend you to put the goggles in an airy place to dispel sweat smell. If the foam is soaked with sweat, we suggest you using a hairdryer.


    Lens Color:

    *Black Frame Black Lens-VLT: 7 %. Suitable for sunny day.

    *Black Frame Silver Lens-VLT: 21%. Suitable for sunny day.

    *White Frame Silver Lens-VLT: 21%. Suitable for sunny day.

    *REVO Red Frame Red Lens-VLT: 21%. Suitable for sunny day.

    *REVO Blue Frame Blue Lens-VLT: 26.33%. Suitable for sunny day.

    *Orange Frame Orange Lens-VLT: 45.89%. Suitable for cloudy day.

    Lens Type: Spherical

    Polarization Type: Non-polarized

    Lens Material: PC

    Frame Material: TPU

    Package Height: 22x13x11cm/8.66x5.12x4.33inch

    Shipping Weight: 400g/0.88lb

    Size: Large

    Package Included

    1 x Gonex Snow Goggles

    1 x Goggle Case

    1 x Carrying Pouch

    1 x Instructions


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